RCA DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD Players Review

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Say goodbye to the disagreements that come when you take a long trip as a family on who gets the prime seat to watch in-car entertainment with the RCA DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD Players. Now if your backseat audience has different preferences they can indulge with ease and everyone will be satisfied. This is the versatility that twin DVD players offer. These are attractive and look really cool on your car too.

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RCA Twin Mobile DVD Players Features

These RCA portable dvd players have separate remotes and can be tuned to play different media at the same time or play the same content. One can be tuned to television while the other can be used to play video games. They are each controlled by individualized remote controls and they have a headphone jack for personal listening too. The in-built speakers are good quality and will keep your back seat passengers occupied for a peaceful trip. The 7” LCD screens give crystal clear images for even greater appeal.

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Perhaps the best thing about the RCA DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD Players is that they are mobile and can be moved from the car to the house. For this purpose they have a flip-out stand and can be used in the home with so much ease. They also come with AC power adapters so it is easy to plug them into the home’s power outlet. In addition to playing different media on separate screens, you can use the screens in two different cars. This is made easier by the additional car power adapter and each player is fitted with a dual output car power adapter.

In terms of versatility, the RCA DRC6272 mobile dvd system can play a host of media formats such as DVDs, CDs, and JPGs. It is a modern player that easily connects to your game console and the fact that each player can be used independently makes it possible for to connect to two game consoles. You can also connect it to your TV and DVD player. Remember you can connect to two different devices at the same time.

RCA DRC6272 Mobile DVD Player Review

On amazon.com there are 172 customer reviews on the RCA DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD Players. Out of these, 87 are 5-star rating and 35 are 4-star, the average rating stands at 4-star. This goes to show just how well this device delivers what it is meant to. One of the most impressive features according to the customer reviews is the fact that the twin players can play independent media. This is followed closely by the ease of set up and the inclusion of the remote controls. It seems to have brought a lot of peace in many homes and cars when it came to entertainment. Click here to read more reviews.

This dual portable dvd player is meant for the back seat passengers and in most cases these are young children. It is therefore very important to make sure that you supervise them because they may tamper with the unit and cause it to malfunction.

The RCA DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD Players is good value for money and indeed a modern device with great versatility. End the quarrels at the back seat on a long trip by getting one of these. Click here to save $9 for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

coloradas June 12th, 2012 (#)

Review: It basically plays everything! It has a decent design as well. Looks good in the dash-board. It is slightly taller then the standard one, therefore it does not fit perfectly. That’s the only disadvantage I could come up with. Other than that, I really like it. I would certainly recommend it!

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