Philips PD7016 7-Inch Portable Dual DVD Player Review

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Your road trips just got more interesting with the Philips PD7016 7-inch portable dual DVD player. It easily mounts on your car and you can share music, movies and videos as you cruise along. They are quite affordable for their quality at just over $160 on You will definitely be looking forward for your next road trip once you get these installed.

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Philips PD7016 Portable Dual DVD Player Features

The picture quality on the Phillips PD7016 portable DVD player is so crystal that you practically feel the picture come to life. The set is versatile enough to play both DVD and CD with the same high quality. So you can enjoy your pictures, movies, music, home videos as you drive. The 7-inch widescreens are indeed the latest technology and offer state-of-the-art viewership with clear images.

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The long trips to your favorite vacation spots need not be boring anymore with this Philips PD7016 7-inch portable DVD player. They are easy to use and can either be synchronized to play the same DVD or CD on the two screens or split so you watch different content on each of the screens. It is definitely the ultimate on in-car entertainment especially with a family and different ages of the children. One can be watching cartoons, while the other can enjoy her music videos.

The Phillips portable dual DVD player has inbuilt speakers that are quite adequate. They work so well that if you have a car stereo, it is overwhelmed by the speakers on this babies. One thing that it does is that it can keep the children occupied and leave you to drive in peace especially on those long trips. Just make sure they have earphones if they are watching separate content because the distortion may be too much given the power the speakers pack.

Philips PD7016 Portable DVD Player Review

There are 175 reviews on about the Philips PD7016 7-Inch Portable Dual DVD Player. 90 of these rate it at 5-star, 36 at 4-star while the rest are distributed among the other lesser star ratings. This is no mean feat with the average rating standing at 4.5 out of a possible 5-star. It just shows the popularity of this product and the level of customer satisfaction which is very important. The price of this player is one of the factors that contribute to its popularity especially given the level of workmanship put into it. It is fairly easy to install which wins it great reviews. One reviewer actually recommends it for all families since it has made road trips for his family so much better and peaceful. Click here to read more reviews.

Of course it is not always easy to please everyone and some customers are not happy with this Phillips portable dual DVD player. One of them used it for a week long road trip and after that one of them broke down. It can be safely assumed that the children may have tampered with it to cause it to break down.

As one satisfied customer said, the Philips PD7016 Portable DVD Player is a must have for all families. This is true if you look forward to peace of mind and great entertainment on your road trips at a price that is just right. Click here to buy from Amazon with free shipping Now!

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