Panasonic DVD-LS86 8.5-Inch Portable DVD Player Review

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The Panasonic DVD-LS86 8.5-inch portable dvd player has been designed with free style viewing with an 8.5” diagonal widescreen LCD display. It has a qualitative screen resolution which even helps in making the best picture that you can enjoy at any time of the day. The portability is truly awesome. You can manage to carry it around very easily because it only weighs 2 pounds.

Panasonic DVD-LS86 Portable DVD Player Features

The Panasonic DVD-LS86 portable dvd player has the ability to play DVD, DiviX, DVD-RW, CD, CD-RW and many more. The super play back you enjoy does not actually remove anything from the quality in the files or folders you are playing. You will just sit back and enjoy the multi-format playback that has been provided so that you can even appreciate the value of your money.

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When you are on the go, you can be sure that Panasonic portable dvd player will be a real companion to give you the needed quality. It will allow you to enjoy 13 hours of playback time so that you can have watch full movies and even your favorite audios. In addition, there is even a rechargeable battery that has been provided to give you the provision of replenishing your energy. With this provision, you can easily move around and access your CDs without any problems.

When you are in a very noisy area, you can make use of the headphones. This is because the player has two headphone terminals which can easily allow you to get the quality sounds you need. On the other hand, you will have no problems recharging the battery even when you are in your car because there is a car DC adapter which has been provided with it. This even means that you can not have to make too much of the re-charging headache out of this minor problem.

Panasonic DVD-LS86 Review

The Panasonic DVD-LS86 8.5 inch portable dvd player has already been given a rating of 4 out of five. This is definitely a current reflection of the appreciation that the 136 happy reviewers have enjoyed with this machine. In the meantime, you have to be ready to enjoy the quality playback that has come to be able to be enjoyed with this gadget as a single charge allows you to enjoy a full 13 hours of quality viewing. In fact, it is even able to play right from where you ended when you decide to switch it on and thus saves you time to start struggling to get to the right spot. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

There could have been many opinions that might have pointed out areas of concern. But the major one is that this marvelous player is only shipped within the US currently. The positioning of the buttons on this payer is so awkwardly done that it is easy to accidentally press the buttons when being handled. It also works better with headphones when you consider the battery life when in operation.

This is the marvelous player you have been waiting for and it is here at a reasonable price of $329.99 at the moment. There is no need to wait another day. Just buy your player today and start enjoying the quality playback for as long as your time can allow. You will definitely enjoy the inclusion of an A/V cable when it is purchased. It is also true that you are going to enjoy an elegant and truly durable design when you buy this player. Click here to check out the Panasonic DVD-LS86 8.5-Inch Portable DVD Player on Amazon.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (2 votes, average: 4.50 out of 5)
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