Coby TFDVD7052 7-Inch Portable Tablet DVD Player Review

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You can never go wrong with the Coby TFDVD7052 7-Inch Portable Tablet DVD Player. It is designed to provide non-stop entertainment for you and your family at your desired location. It is so easy to use and is easily adaptable to a number of devices in your home. Click here to buy from Amazon and save 20% Now!

Coby TFDVD7052 Portable Tablet DVD Player Features

The most impressive feature on this Coby TFDVD7052 is the 7-inch widescreen. It gives you great picture quality and is easily watchable when mounted on the back of a headrest when used in-car. Parents can enjoy the peace and quiet in the car on long trips as the children are fully occupied and entertained from this unit. All you have to do is get their favorite movie or cartoon series on a DVD and you are good to go. The older ones may prefer something more appropriate for their age and this is no problem since you just add another portable DVD player on the other headrest.

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Versatility is what may convince you about the Coby TFDVD7052 portable DVD player. This wonderful device can connect to your home theatre system through the digital and analog AV outputs. There is also an audio/video input jack for video games, VCRs and other audio-visual sources. You also get to enjoy media from a variety of sources including DVD, CD, JPEG and MP3. This gives you a wide choice which translates to great value for money.

With the Coby Tablet DVD Player, you can enjoy private listening when you opt for the headphones. This is especially when you are watching different media on two installed devices on a car. It makes for a peaceful journey and is essential for when the ride is a very long one. The batteries included can run for up to 4 hours which is ample time for you to get to your destination in peace and quiet.

Coby TFDVD7052 Portable DVD Player Review

There are 204 customer reviews on about the Coby TFDVD7052 7-inch portable tablet DVD player. 88 of these reviews are 5-star rating while 64 are 4-star. Most customers are parents with little children and they bought the player so that the little ones can be calm during long trips. This worked and the trips have become more enjoyable for both parents and children. What they love most about this Coby DVD player is that it is easy to install and use. The fact that it is portable and versatile enough to be used as a car entertainment unit and also in the home is a huge plus for this product. Click here to read more reviews.

It is quite evident from all the customer reviews that when instructions are followed to the letter, the Coby portable DVD player can last a long time and work like a charm all the time.

Definitely the Coby TFDVD7052 7-Inch Portable Tablet DVD Player is the best device you could ever hope for in this range of products. You will not only get the best quality entertainment, but also a great bargain. This together with all the advantages and features outlined above should have you running for your unit fast. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Hocine June 12th, 2012 (#)

I like the features but the battery life is too short. The volume on the speakers is too soft. The plastic stand on the back is fragile and the viewing angle is limited when using the stand. The screen is totally unprotected and I would prefer a swivel screen where the screen will be less prone to scratches. But I really like the SD slot.

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